Many years ago I discovered that my immune system was best supported by consistent hours and times of sleep. I have always loved sleeping on a silk pillowslip, whether at home or travelling but I also loved my linen bedding. So I decided to combine the two and enjoy the best of both.

At SoSsleeponsilk I like to combine the benefits of silk and the luxe appearance of linen to your bedding collection. One side for show and one side for sleep and our colours work well with many combinations of linen and also cotton. 

If your SoS pillowslip is well cared for, by washing in a mild hand wash soap and dried naturally it will keep it's integrity. Each piece may differ ever so slightly, they are as unique as we are.

Due to the hand dyed technique of the artisan producers, there may be a little colour loss after frequent washing. Current model machines have an excellent gentle cycle wash but if in any doubt our recommendation is to hand wash in cold water, any queries welcomed.

I care about our planet and my product is responsibly sourced and made in India. I use biodegradable post bags and cellophane packaging derived from cellulose, produced from wood or cotton which is naturally biodegradable. I use recycled paper carry bags, boxes and mailers with a 100% paper fibre interior.

I want you to Sleep well!