Nunchi sleep spray & baby massage oils


HUSH baby massage oil is a light blend of organic oils that has been created to use for baby massage. 

Gently rub over baby after bath time or any time of the day to help you and your Bub to relax and develop a beautiful connection. This blend of oils has been chosen to soothe and calm both you and your Bub.

These oils have been recommended by child health care professionals to be safe to use on your baby. However, always test on a small patch of skin before applying on your baby’s whole body.

Organic body oils formula

Coconut oil: all natural & chemical free.

Apricot oil: light in texture & has antibacterial properties.


Essential oils formula

Note: Nunchi have only added a hint of essential oils, including 

Chamomile: relaxing, soothing & calming.

Lavender: calming & healing


A KISS GOODNIGHT is a soothing spray to encourage sleep. This floral blend with a hint of earthiness will help you to let go of your day and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Spray in your room or on your pillow before going to bed. A perfect nightly ritual for you and your family.

This unique essential oil blend of lavender, cedarwood, chamomile and ylang ylang has been carefully chosen to help soothe, calm and support.


Lavender: calming, healing & embracing.

Cedarwood: grounding, balancing & strengthening.

Chamomile: relaxing, soothing & calming.

Ylang ylang: calming, unifying & support for the heart.

Hand made in Melbourne


Price includes GST 

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