SoS in singles

SoS in singles

July 02, 2018

Hi, all you sleeping beauties,

SoS has been officially open for six weeks now and the time has flown by. The orders are coming in and little parcels of sleep time happiness are being sent all over the world.

The news is that stock is arriving and soon we will be selling singles as well as twin packs. Which means more great gift ideas or guest room luxury.

At SoS we’re for sleep and we want you to have the best dream time you could possibly have.

Sleep is everything, it is the difference between looking beautiful or looking beyond your best. It’s the secret to being a super good person, so with that in mind, we’re the most single-minded, afternoon napping, alarm snoozing, Saturday morning between the sheets loving people that you’ll ever meet.

A better night’s sleep means a better you, spread the word!

Sweet dreams,

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